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MP Claims Somo Promised to Resolve 50-Year Oil Deal Between Kurdistan Region, Turkey

Council of Representatives lawmaker Musana Amin claimed on Thursday that Iraq's oil marketer SOMO has promised officials from the Kurdistan Region that it will work to resolve a controversial 50-year energy deal between the Region and Turkey on condition that Erbil does not sell oil independently.

“The Region is gambling when it sells oil independently and does not hand it over to SOMO,” Amin said.

Amin, who represents the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), said that SOMO has told the Kurdistan Region that it will also resolve issues related to Rosneft and Dana Gas for the Region by paying the companies’ fees as part of the compromise.

He added that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) must reach an agreement with SOMO in order to secure funding for the Region’s public sector salaries as part of the federal budget.

“Oil is not honor, a nation, or a flag — things that the Region cannot give up.”

Regarding the draft 2021 Federal Budget Law currently under consideration in the Council of Representatives, Amin said that the legislation is good for the Region’s public servants, but that political parties from Iraq's other entho-religious blocs oppose the bill adding extra hurdles.

“Passing the bill in this way is like a dream,” he said.