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Pentagon Says Number of US Troops in Iraq Reduced to 2,500

The Pentagon announced on Friday that the number of US troops in Iraq has now been reduced to 2,500 as part of a previous plan in this regard.

"Today, the United States has reduced the force levels in Iraq to 2,500 as directed by President Trump, and as I announced on November 17, 2020," US Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller said in a statement, adding that "the drawdown of U.S. force levels in Iraq is reflective of the increased capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces."

However, Miller noted that the reduction of US troops does not change Washington's policy in terms of the fight against terrorism, pointing out that the US, as well as the global coalition forces, would remain in Iraq to ensure the enduring defeat of the ISIS.

Baghdad and Washington have agreed that the jihadist group of ISIS "remains a threat and that a U.S. and Coalition presence remains vital."

"We will continue to have a counterterrorism platform in Iraq to support partner forces with airpower and intelligence."