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KRG Decides to Resume in-Person Classes from January 16 for Twelve Graders

Spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Jotiar Adil said on Wednesday that the Supreme Committee for Coronavirus Response decided to resume in-person education for twelfth graders starting Saturday, while the other grades will start on March 3.

During a press conference, Adil said that students must use protective health measures like face masks.

Deputy Head of the Kurdistan Teachers Union Abdulwahid Muhammad said that the teachers have proposed that there be one semester this year and the second semester be shelved until the next academic year.

“As the Kurdistan Teachers Union, we have prepared and handed a proposal to the Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research ministries as the two responsible entities for the education process,” he said. “Some of it has been implemented, but for the most part it has not.”

“We usually need 30 to 32 weeks or 200 study the curriculum in full, but of course we do not have that time this year.”

Regarding paying public sector salaries, Adil said that the KRG Council of Ministers will authorize the Finance and Economy Ministry to set a timetable for distributing salaries in the near future.

In the fall, as coronavirus rampaged across the Region, the government sought to open the classrooms for some younger students, while relying on online education for most other primary and secondary school pupils.

The KRG has struggled to pay its public servants over the past year because of the decline in oil prices and disputes with Baghdad over the Kurdistan Region’s budget share.

Teachers responded by going on strike, demanding their paychecks.