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Computer Science Institute Protest Closure of Dormitories

Students from Sulaimani Computer Science Institute began boycotting classes on Tuesday to protest the lack of dormitory accommodation, despite having in-class lessons at least three days per week.

The institute shuttered its male dormitories this semester.

The students, particularly those from outside of Sulaimani city, rely on the dorms for their housing and are unable to afford rent for apartments during their studies.

On January 7, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) extended its suspension of in-person lessons for most students at the Region’s schools, institutes, and universities until January 16, citing continued concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, but students at medical, engineering, and information technology (IT) departments still have some in-person classes because of the practical nature of their studies.

“We went to class three days last week. It will be four days this week. So, we have boycotted and not gone into the halls,” one protester said.

“There are students who come from Kalar, Darbandikhan, Kifri, Qaladze, and Ranya. They have traversed all those roads, so where can they stay?” another protester said, adding that some students have resorted to staying in hotels while in town.

“How does an institute not secure accommodation for its students?”