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Council of Representatives Should Vote on Early Election Date: MP

Head of the Change Movement (Gorran) caucus in the Council of Representatives Yousif Mohammed claimed on Sunday that the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) and the federal authorities are not committed to the date Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has already announced for holding early parliamentary elections.

After assuming the premiership last July, Kadhimi announced early parliamentary elections for June 6, 2021, taking a step towards fulfilling one of the main demands of the anti-government protesters whose demonstrations rocked the country for several months starting in October 2019.

“Holding an early election requires a law to dismantle the parliament. In doing so, the majority of the parliament should vote on it,” Muhammad said during a news conference at the Council of Representatives.

“Agreements will be made on that basis to determine a date for holding the election,” he added. “The election should be different from other elections if it happens on its [dedicated] date.”

Mohammad also called for solutions to “the shortcomings of previous elections, including problems in separating and electronic counting of the ballot papers,” saying that “neglecting all the necessities for early elections will generate untrustworthiness and gaps between voters and election process and political process.”

Also on Sunday, Kadhimi met with IHEC officials and discussed preparations for the elections, his media office said in a press release.

“The government continues to support the work of the commission with all it can in order to adhere to the timing and timetables required for the success of the electoral process,” Kadhimi said.