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Death toll from Baghdad car blast rises to 7; 20 others injured

Blast at popular market in Baghdad
Death toll from the booby-trapped car blast that took place at a popular market in Abu Desheir disrict in southern Baghdad rose to 7 dead and 20 others were injured.

Earlier in the day, a car bomb ripped through the popular market and claimed the lives of several civilians and others were injured.

The injured were moved to hospital for treatment, while the dead bodies were carried to forensic medicine to undergo autopsy.

Baghdad has been hit by a series of daily bombings that claimed the lives of hundreds of persons and left many others wounded.

The Iraqi government is blamed for the worsening security situation in Baghdad, while militants of the Shiite al-Hashad al-Shaabi have been involved in several security breaches in the capital.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 17 January 2017 08:33 PM