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Kamal Atroushi Became Kurdistan’s New Minister of Natural Resources

Kurdistan Region Parliament on Wednesday gave the vote of confidence to Kamal Atroushi as the new Minister of Natural Resources in the 9th cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Atroushi was nominated by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani to become the second minister of natural resources since the establishment of the ministry in 2005.

Out of 101 lawmakers who were present at today’s extraordinary session, 81 MPs voted in favor of Kamal Atroushi, who later was sworn in at the legislature.

Atroshi’s profile:
Minister Atroshi is a technocrat, having over 40 years of extensive knowledge in the energy sector with numerous international oil companies and institutions such as French Total and Kuwait’s KUFPEC.

Atroshi acquired his PhD in Geophysics at the French University of Bordeaux.

The new minister is also knowledgeable about the Kurdistan Region’s energy sector as he has been the KRG Prime Minister’s Energy Advisor previously.

“We will create a well structure according to international standards at the ministry of natural resources,” Atroshi told Kurdistan 24 on Tuesday when he was asked about his objective in his new post.
“Our next goal is to train those who have graduated from oil engineering or oil and gas related fields to work at the ministry [of natural resources],” Atroshi added.

Atroshi’s appointment comes at a time when the Kurdistan Region is going through economic distress, caused by a historic collapse in oil prices and the global coronavirus pandemic, of which the Kurdistan Region has seen over 103,000 cases along with more than 3,403 deaths.