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All aircraft entering Iraq are under control: Iraqi air defense command

On Monday, the Iraqi Air Defense Command said that all aircraft entering the country’s airspace are “under control.”

In press statements, Commander of Air Defense, Major General Maan Al-Saadi said that the Air Defense Command relies on “detection, response, and processing systems of artillery and missiles … Therefore, all aircraft that enter Iraq are under the sight of the Air Defense Command.”

Al-Saadi stressed that aircraft will not enter Iraqi airspace, except after coordination and approval from the high commanders of the armed forces.

Al-Saadi did not deny the existence of violations, but emphasized that “they are monitored, and the leadership references are informed about them.”

In this regard, he pointed out that these violations may be violations of some aviation, entering in an unauthorized direction, stressing the readiness of air defense weapons to deal with the violations “when they are within the technical and operational specifications of the weapons.”

He revealed that most of these violations are in northern Iraq, considering that the Air Defense Command needs additional support and capabilities to impose full control.

He indicated that there are efforts to purchase more advanced weapons and more sophisticated radar detection systems.

Last month, the former Iraqi Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, issued a statement regarding conflicting news about the penetration of military aircraft and drones into Iraqi airspace.

Allawi said that the entry of military and civilian aircraft into Iraqi airspace is subject to government approvals.

However, he added, “As for the movement of drones that have been used frequently in recent years, they are not subject to official approvals, as they are controlled remotely, and therefore it must be included in a clear engagement agreement to avoid any violations that may occur.”