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Iraq .. Refer 20 ministers to trial on charges of corruption

On Saturday, the Iraqi judiciary referred 20 Iraqi ministers to trial on corruption charges, and the list also included hundreds of other officials, as part of a campaign to fight corruption in Iraq. Member of Parliament.

Representative Jamal al-Muhammadawi, a member of Parliament, revealed the positions of officials referred to the judiciary on charges of corruption.

Al-Muhammadawi said: "The list of the referred defendants included more than 20 personalities with a ministerial rank, who were referred to the trial court," noting that "this is an indication that confirms that the personalities who receive the main positions should not be chosen from dual nationalities."

He added that "20 accused persons with the rank of minister out of 333 were referred to the court in absentia. As for those of the rank of director-general, they were referred in absentia to the courts, the number of which are 27 of those accused of criminal cases related to the Ministry of Electricity."

He added that "the other category that is less than a general director, their number reaches more than 286, and they were referred in absentia to the courts, while 72 were guaranteed, including two ministers, four with the position of general manager, and 66 of lower job degrees."

He pointed out that "the convictions included only 4 ministers and 7 general managers out of 198 accused of cases related to corruption files of the Ministry of Electricity."

The Iraqi experts often criticized the successive Iraqi governments for not being able to solve the electricity and gas crisis in the country over many years, due to corruption.