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At Least One Asayish Wounded In Explosion SouthEast Of Sulaimani

At least one member of the security forces was wounded in an explosion in Said Sadiq district near Bardarash village, southeast of Sulaimani city.

The explosion occurred when members of the Asayish (security) tried to remove a flag bearing an ISIS emblem that had been placed in a field outside the village and apparently concealed a device.

Local residents said that they spotted the flag and called the security forces to report it. The Asayish arrived shortly after.

It was not immediately clear who placed the flag in the field.

A witness said that locals had not observed any ISIS activity in the area.

The Said Sadiq Asayish Directorate has launched an investigation into the incident.

Located between Sulaimani and Halabja cities, Said Sadiq district is far from the areas where ISIS militants have operated in recent years. The militant group remains active in the disputed areas, particularly in Nineveh, Diyala, and Kirkuk governorates.

The security forces of the Kurdistan Region were instrumental in the war against ISIS, liberating large areas from the militant group. At least 1,700 Peshmerga were killed during the conflict and approximately 10,000 others were wounded.

The Peshmerga, Asayish, and other elements of the Kurdistan Region's security forces continue to be actively engaged in counter-ISIS operations, particularly in areas around Khanaqin in Diyala governorate.