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Iraq's President Salih acknowledges government failure, spread of corruption


Iraqi President Barham Salih acknowledged on Thursday the failure of the government, the rampant spread of corruption and the continued uncontrolled proliferation of arms in the country.

Salih warned against extending courtesies at the expense of the law, calling to complete the reform project by preparing for early, fair and just elections.

The Iraqi president called for a new political contract that enables the establishment of a sovereign state, stressing the need for Iraqis not to pay the price for conflicts, political failures and corruption.

Salih emphasised that the priority should be to support the poor through fast and efficient measures, to continue the war on corruption and the corrupt, and to fortify the centrality of state authority, in addition to controlling arms circulation in the country.

He added: "In this new year, fateful merits are ahead of us, as we are mainly required to complete the reform project by preparing for early, just and fair elections that guarantee Iraqi voters' right to choose, away from manipulation, fraud, pressure and stealing votes."

Salih continued: "It is imperative to concretise the reform plan written by the blood of the innocent and martyrs who have sacrificed everything to live in freedom and dignity, in a country where there is no place for extremists, the corrupt and the outlaws."

Iraq is witnessing severe political, economic and security crises, which are the focus of regional conflicts and disputes between Iran and the US, in addition to the chaos of weapons proliferation in the hands of militias and armed organisations, operating outside the framework of the law.