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No Excuses Left for Baghdad to Cut Kurdistan’s Budget: KRG Spokesperson

 There are no excuses left for the federal government of Iraq to continue suspending the budget share of the Kurdistan Region, said Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Spokesperson.

“The Kurdistan Regional Government is sparing no efforts to overcome the crises, continue the reforms, and serve the people,” Jotiar Adil said in a new year message.

Erbil and Baghdad have already made an agreement on Iraq’s 2021 budget draft that was approved by the federal government and now is waiting for a parliamentary vote.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani said in his new year message that he expects Baghdad to respect the agreement and fully implement the budget law once it is passed by the legislature.

He also noted that the Iraqi political factions have to prevent the budget share of the KRG from being used as a tool to exert political pressure on the people of Kurdistan.