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Pro-Iran militias threaten Iraqi PM not to test their patience

Pro-Iran militias have threatened Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi once again, telling him not to test their patience.

Abu Ali al-Askari, a senior Kataib Hezbollah commander, said in a statement on Twitter that the region is boiling, warning that there is the possibility of a full-blown confrontation between the Iraqi security forces and pro-Iran militias.

He further added that the recent attacks serve no one but the US President Donald Trump's interests, and "should not be repeated."

"Our alliance with the brothers in the resistance factions, whether local or foreign, is a strong alliance, and what harms them, harms us as well, and we are committed to defending them based on frameworks agreed between us," the militia commander continued.

Considering him "a traitor", Askari called on PM Kadhimi not to test the patience of the “Resistance” any longer, threatening that the time is appropriate "to cut his ears as the ears of a goat are cut", after which he added, the Iranian Intelligence, the CIA and local hypocrites would be incapable of protecting him.

This comes only one day after pro-Iran militia group of Asaib Ahl al-Haq threatened the Iraqi premier and demanded the release of a number of militiamen accused of being behind a recent rocket attack on the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad.