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Iranian-backed militias' rockets target US embassy in Baghdad

Rockets targeted the US embassy in Baghdad on Sunday night in an escalation against US personnel and forces in Iraq.

In the past Iranian-backed militias have targeted US forces and facilities in Iraq with dozens of rocket attacks since May 2019. The attacks reached a crescendo over the summer and then appeared to slow down as the US threatened to close its embassy and strike at Iranian-backed groups. 

The volley of rockets included at least several rockets fired at the Green Zone in Baghdad. It is not the first attack of its kind but it appears more accurate and larger than past attacks.

In the past 107mm rockets launched by pro-Iranian groups have targeted the embassy. Usually these are just one or two rockets fired from nearby. They have usually not caused much damage. In recent months the US has used a C-RAM air defense system against the attacks. The last was recorded in mid-November.

The US indicated there were rising threats in early December. The US has threatened retaliation for these attacks in the past and carried out three rounds of airstrikes since December 2019.  

There are a network of pro-Iranian groups in Iraq, including Kataib Hezbollah which is linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The groups also include Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, the Badr Organization and Rab’Allah, as well as a series of other small groups. Many of these are linked to the Popular Mobilization Forces or Hashd al-Shaabi. They are in turn paid salaries by the Iraqi government as an official paramilitary force.