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PM Barzani Says Kurdistan Flag Symbol of Coexistence Among Ethnic, Religious Groups

The Kurdistan flag is a symbol of peaceful coexistence among all ethnic and religious groups living in the autonomous region, PM Masrour Barzani stated as it marked the Kurdistan Flag day.

The Kurdish premier on Thursday attended a ceremony held in the capital Erbil to commemorate the Kurdistan Flag day, during which he reminded that the flag is "also a symbol for those freedom seekers who take refuge in Kurdistan."

The Kurdistan flag was first raised in the Kurdistan Republic, in Iranian Kurdistan, back in 1946, by the republic's president, Qazi Mohammed, who later handed the flag to late general Mustafa Barzani.

PM Barzani noted that under the leadership and presidency of former President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, the Kurdistan flag was raised in the palaces and capitals of several countries around the world.

"On KurdistanFlagDay, I want us to reflect on the sacrifices made for the sake of this flag. In difficult times, it is our flag that reaffirms the values that unite us and remind us of our shared struggle for a prosperous Kurdistan," the premier wrote on Twitter.

In a separate Twitter statement, Barzani called for unity and said "let us stand together under our flag with renewed commitment to our unity and safeguarding our hard-won gains."

In 2009, Kurdistan Region Parliament set December 17 as the commemoration day of the Kurdistan flag, on which Kurds around the globe decorate their homes and wear Kurdish outfits to mark the day.