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YPG Attacks Peshmerga on Syria Border after Failing to Smuggle Fighters into Kurdistan: Official

The People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters attacked the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan Region on the Syrian border on Tuesday night after they were prevented from smuggling a group of fighters into the border of Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Minister of Peshmerga Sarbast Lazgin said during a press conference that eight YPG fighters were noticed by the Peshmerga forces near Fishabour border between Kurdistan Region and Syria, and they were prevented from crossing the border illegally.

“Three of them returned from the beginning, but five of them were pushing to enter the Kurdistan Region, which was not allowed by the Peshmerga forces,” Lazgin explained.

Soon after the incident, according to the Peshmerga deputy minister, a group of 60 YPG fighters organized an attack on the Peshmerga forces in Sahilla, using heavy and medium-size weapons. However, after a confrontation of nearly two hours, the YPG fighters were pushed back by the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan Region.

“This is not a new incident, but the PKK has been working this way for years,” Lazgin emphasized while making it clear that the YPG is merely a Syrian offspring of the PKK to enjoy the international Coalition’s support under a different title.

The Peshmerga deputy minister also criticized Mazlum Abdi’s recent statement in which he had accused the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) of attacking the PKK fighters near Amedi earlier this week.

“Mazlum Abdi and his comrades are not free in making statements. They are all being monitored and directed by their masters in Qandil, otherwise they know that what happened in Aedi and elsewhere in the past were PKK’s attacks on Peshmerga positions.”