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Residents Visit Kurdistan Parliament to Warn of Imminent Arabization of Kirkuk Village

 Representatives of the residents of Palkana village in Kirkuk province visited Kurdistan Region Parliament on Tuesday to warn of an imminent plan of Arabization of their lands.

They were received by parliament’s Committee for Kurdish Areas Outside KRG, which promised to work on the issue seriously.

Palkana is a Kurdish village in north of Kirkuk whose indigenous residents are being forced out by Arabs from the southern provinces of Iraq. The Arab families were previously settled in these lands during Saddam Hussein’s Arabization Campaign against Kurds in 1980. However, they were compensated and returned to their areas of origin in 2003.

The Arab families, despite the compensations they have received, are now claiming the ownership of the Kurdish lands.

MP Jwan Rojbayani told reporters that they will request negotiations with the federal government to address the issue in Palkana village through an agreement.