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One Peshmerga Martyred in Latest PKK Attack

The Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) attacked the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan on Sunday night in Duhok province and martyred one Peshmerga fighters.

According to the information obtained by media sources, the attack targeted a Peshmerga checkpoint between the villages of Sargali and Derashe, in Amedi district of Duhok province.

Sources said a PKK vehicle passed through the checkpoint without stopping and opened fire immediately, which was followed by shootings from two other directions simultaneously.

The Peshmerga forces responded to what appeared to be a previously planned offensive, as the result of which First Lieutenant jahid Abdulrahman was martyred.

Security sources confirmed that checkpoint was mainly for preventing goods smuggled into the Kurdistan Region with no permission.

This was the extension of PKK’s recent push for provoking a war with the Kurdistan Region Peshmerga forces after their relations worsened in the past few months.