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Erbil, Baghdad to Cooperate on Clearing Territories from Mines

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will start cooperations withe the Iraqi federal government on clearing various territories from landmines, a statement said on Monday.

The Kurdistan Region's Mines Affairs Directorate said in a Facebook statement that it has begun talks with Iraq's Ministry of Health to discuss a mechanism of how those lands can be cleared from landmines, noting that it had reached an agreement with the Iraqi Directorate for Mines Affairs in this regard.

It has also contacted the Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga Ministry for closer cooperations in hopes of being familiar with the techniques the Kurdish fighters have been taught on clearing the territories from mines and other related war remnants, during the trainings provided by the US-led Coalition forces.

Meanwhile, Babakir Faqe Ahmed, a Peshmerga Ministry official said that a special team has been formed to clear mines and war remnants in the front lines of Peshmerga forces, saying that "they have done a good work so far," and that "they have been able to reduce the danger of mines and bombs in those areas."