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Baha'is barred from higher education in Iran: Radio Farda


"Deficient filing" is a familiar term to Baha'i youth in Iran who want to enter university and carry on their education like any other citizen enjoying one of their most fundamental rights.

Iranian Baha'is have been denied permission to study at the country's universities since the downfall of Iran's pro-West monarch and establishment of Iran in 1979.

The Baha'i are a peaceful religious minority who adopted their faith in the 19th century but are viewed by the clerical establishment of Iran as deviants and are persecuted.


Following the Islamic Revolution, numerous Baha'i university lecturers and students were expelled. Since then, no matter how hard they tried, Baha'is have unsuccessfully tried to regain access to the nation’s universities.

The current Iranian calendar year, beginning March 20, 2020, was no exception. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Iranian authorities made sure to deprive Baha'is of higher education.