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Kurdistan Reiterates Commitment to Elimination of Gender-Based Violence: President

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Kurdistan Region reiterated its commitment to women’s rights and the continued efforts to eliminate gender-based violence, said Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani.

“Gender-based violence is a human right issue and concerns the whole of society. Men should play a more effective role, getting involved in activities for the elimination of violence so that they become part of the solution,” Barzani wrote in a statement on Wednesday, November 25.

“During the coronavirus lockdown, men have become more aware of their role and duties at home; that home is not only a place to rest, but a place of shared duties with our mothers, sisters and wives, and place to participate in raising and educating our children,” he added.

Kurdistan Region president pointed out that his office has been working with the government of Kurdistan Region to provide support for the protection of women’s rights and elimination of gender-based violence.

“We encourage the international community to intensify their efforts to better support gender issues within the government institutions in the Kurdistan Region. And we reassure women that this joint work and support to achieve our aim will continue.”

Barzani also thanked the women who are working selflessly during this challenging time of the pandemic, fighting the disease on the forefront of the healthcare workers.

“I hope that the activities to combat gender-based violence will not be limited to this 16-days’ campaign, but become a daily effort, by both women and men, to ensure peace, equality and justice,” the Kurdish president stressed.