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PKK, IMIS Against Erbil-Baghdad Deal on Sinjar: Kurdish MP


A member of the Kurdistan Region Parliament has revealed that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and pro-Iranian IMIS are against the implementation of the Erbil-Baghdad agreement to normalize the situation in Sinjar.


Jwan Rojbayani, head of the parliamentary committee for the disputed areas, said that the deal between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq on Sinjar is a step to normalize the situation in other disputed areas as well, which will also have the way to implement Article 140 from the Iraqi Constitution.

Based on Article 140, the future of governance will be determined in the disputed areas.

The PKK fighters and IMIS militias of Hashd al-Shaabi create difficulties for the process of implementing the Erbil-Baghdad agreement on Sinjar, she said.

The Kurdish lawmaker further reminded that the deal was signed under the observation of the United Nations, arguing that the federal government should remain committed to it.