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Netherlands to Send up to 150 More Troops to Kurdistan

The Dutch government has decided to deploy 100 to 150 more soldiers to the Kurdistan Region, the country’s envoy said.

“The Netherlands government decided to deploy 100-150 troops in North-Iraq. They will be responsible for the security of Erbil airport, together with US forces. This is part of the anti-ISIS coalition efforts in the region,” Dutch Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, Hans Akerboom, told Kurdistan 24 on Saturday.

The government of the Netherlands has highlighted the role of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the ongoing efforts to eradicate the ISIS, but reminded that the terrorist group remains a “source of instability on the fringes of Europe”.

“After the loss of its caliphate in March 2019, ISIS engaged in an underground guerrilla fight in Iraq and Syria. ISIS carries out dozens of attacks every month against the Iraqi government, security forces and the local population,” the Dutch government added.

The first group of soldiers are expected to arrive in the Kurdistan Region in early January 2021.

Together with the US forces, they will be responsible for the protection of the Global Anti-ISIS Coalition personnel and equipment at the Erbil International Airport.