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Kurdistan Parliament to Host-Baghdad talks

The Kurdistan Region Parliament will hold a session on Tuesday to host a Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation and discuss the recent budgetary disputes with Baghdad.

MP Liza Falakaddin told BasNews that the lawmakers and KRG representatives will specifically focus on the Funding Deficit Law that was passed by the Iraqi parliament earlier this week.

The meeting comes after Kurdistan Region presidency today hosted legislative and executive bodies to discuss the same issue.

Kurds criticize Baghdad for passing the Funding Deficit Law without the consent of the Kurds who are one of the three main components of the country.

The law obliges the Iraqi federal government to cut all the fundings to Erbil and ask the regional government to hand over its oil and non-oil revenues to Baghdad for 320 billion Iraqi Dinar in return, which is not even enough for the KRG to pay the public servants’ salaries.