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Kurdistan Presidency, Parliament, Government, Political Factions to Discuss Recent Developments in Baghdad on Sunday

The three presidencies of the Kurdistan Region and the political parties are set to meet on Sunday to discuss the recent developments in Baghdad, especially the Funding Deficit Law which has concerned the Kurds.

Parliament Speaker Rewaz Fayiq said that the meeting will work to find a suitable reaction to the law which obliges the Kurdistan Region to handover its oil and non-oil revenues in return for a 320 million Iraqi Dinar monthly payment which is already not enough for only paying the public servants’ salaries.

Based on the law that was passed by the Shia and Sunni factions, Fayiq said, an employee in Iraq will receive two salaries at once while the Kurdish employee are left in limbo.

The parliament speaker emphasized that they will have to deal with the realities now, and for that, the meeting on Sunday was organized.