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Kurdistan’s Share of Federal Revenues not Privilege, But a Right: PM Barzani

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has reminded that Erbil has the right to its share from the federal revenues, and that Baghdad cannot deal with it as a privilege.

“Kurdistan’s share of federal revenues isn’t a privilege; it’s a right,” PM Barzani wrote on twitter in the latest reaction to the recent developments after the Iraqi lawmakers passed the Funding Deficit Law without the Kurds, in which an article is set to oblige Erbil submit all its oil and non-oil revenues to Baghdad for 320 million Iraqi Dinar.

“As I’ve said in the past, the relationship between Erbil and Baghdad should be based on recognizing each other’s rights and duties under the constitution,” PM Barzani emphasized.

“This dangerous precedent must quickly be reversed. We have an opening still to correct this injustice.”

The law has already been targeted with criticism by other senior Kurdish officials and political leaders. Many of them reminded that the Sunnis and Shias in Iraq only unite when there is a plan to harm the Kurds.