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Kurdish Diaspora Center Denounces Threats Posed to Kurdistan by PKK

The Kurdish Diaspora Center on Saturday released a statement to decry Kurdistan Worker’s Party’s(PKK) threats posed to the Kurdistan Region while its battleground is supposed to be in Turkey.

The statement comes after the PKK fighters targeted the Kurdish Peshmerga forces with a roadside IED in Duhok province before opening fire at them which left one Peshmerga killed and several others injured.

“Unfortunately, in such a fragile economic, health, and political situation in the Kurdistan Region and beyond, we witness some threatening rhetorics and actions as well as attacks on the Peshmerga forces, the same force that broke the myth of ISIS terrorists,” reads the statement which is signed by scores of Kurdish organizations abroad.

The Kurdish Diaspora Center emphasized that PKK’s actions harm the welfare of the people of Kurdistan Region, as well as the national achievements of Kurds in general.

“We reiterate support for the Kurdistan Region and its legitimate and constitutional institutions, and we condemn any action that could harm our national interests,” the statement continued.
It called on the PKK leadership to resolve disagreements through peaceful dialogue, and leave the aggressive approaches and interventions in the Kurdistan Region affairs.

“Under no circumstances the bitter experience of the war between Kurds should ever happen again as it is the era of dialogue and peaceful solutions,” the Kurdish Diaspora Center added.