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Majority of Yezidis Supports Erbil-Baghdad Agreement on Sinjar: KRG Interior minister

The majority of the Yezidi people are happy about the recent landmark agreement between Erbil and Baghdad to stabilize the situation in Sinjar, said Kurdistan Region Interior Minister Rebar Ahmed.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Federal government of Iraq signed a deal last month which hopes to bring the administration and security affairs in the troubled region of Sinjar under the control of the government and, ultimately, help the hundreds of thousands of Yezidi IDPs return home.

Ahmed made the remarks during a press conference after a meeting with a parliamentary committee at the legislature, saying, however, that there are people who want to challenge the agreement for the interests of “domestic and foreign factions”.

He revealed that the delegation from Erbil and Baghdad are set to meet in the nearest future to decide on the mechanism through which the agreement would be implemented.

“Those who are against the agreement prove that they are also against the best interests of the Yezidis and the people of Sinjar; they are against the ending of the ordeal faced by the Yezidis. These are the very same people who hinder the stability in Sinjar,” the Kurdish minister said.

He also revealed that the regional and federal governments in Erbil and Baghdad are also working to reach and agreement for stabilization of other disputed Kurdish territories.