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Barzani to PKK: Don’t Exploit Our Reluctance to Enter War Between Kurds

Kurdish prominent leader and the president of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Masoud Barzani has urged the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) to act responsibly and do not exploit Kurdistan Region’s reluctance to enter a war between Kurds.

Barzani issued an official statement on Monday after a period of difficult relations between the KRG and the PKK, especially in the wake of PKK’s recent explosion of KRG’s oil pipeline, which is known as the main revenue source for the Kurdistan Region especially during the current world economic hardship.

“During the current difficult times in the region and while many crises are faced by our country, it is necessary that all Kurdistanis act realistically to counter the challenges, meet their historic responsibilities and take steps towards the normalization of the relations,” Barzani said.

“History testifies and we are proud that we have forbidden the war between Kurds and Kurds, because we have all suffered the damages of war and conflict.”

However, the Kurdish leader emphasized that such a position should not be exploited to challenge the legitimate rule of the Kurdistan Regional Government and impose a military rule outside the law on the people of Kurdistan.

Barzani also blamed the PKK for imposing its rule in the border areas of Kurdistan Region after the war against the ISIS, while eventually prevented the return of the villagers to their homes.

“Patriotism and defending the homeland needs actions not words,” the former president of Kurdistan Region pointed out, adding that the best contribution is to end the imposed military rule in Kurdistan Region territories and show respect to the legitimate rule of the KRG.

To conclude the statement, the Kurdish leader encouraged all the factions to return to the principles of serving Kurdistan by respecting the sacrifices paid by the Peshmerga forces and the people of Kurdistan in general.