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Tech experts from Israel, UAE join forces to prepare leaders of tomorrow

Watergen’s VP of Mobility Shadie Bisharat and Dubai-based entrepreneur Raza Jafar joined Calcalist this week to speak about building the relationship between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Talking to Yarden Rozanski, the two shared their insights about how leaders should make efforts to be socially responsible - not just economically responsible - when conducting business.

“All businesses lead to good to humanity as long as we are making sure we are not being selfish,” explained Jafar. “Opportunities in technology, innovation, high tech, and water tech - there is a lot of opportunity for both countries and the regions to benefit from one another.”

Jafar spoke to Calcalist about what drew him to Dubai as a place of business and community. Originally from Pakistan, he says he “(chooses) to live here because it is convenient to do business and gives a lot of opportunity to everyone.”