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SOHR: 300 Turkey’s Syrian mercenaries arrived in Azerbaijan

The Syrian Observatory said that Turkey proceeds with transferring the Syrian mercenaries, as the number of Syrian mercenaries who have been transferred to Azerbaijan to participate in the Karabakh battles, until the moment, reached at least 2,350 mercenaries, 320 of whom returned after they gave up everything.

Since the end of last September, at least 217 Syrian mercenaries affiliated with Turkey have been killed in the ongoing battles in Karabakh, of whom 138 have been transported to Syria, while the rest of the bodies are still in Azerbaijan, according to the Syrian Observatory.

Clashes have erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan on September 27, and despite the announcement of 3 ceasefire agreements, the war is still continuing as Turkey fuels it and transfers Syrian mercenaries to Karabakh to fight on the side of Azerbaijan.