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Iraqi president delivers speech on Mawlid El-Nabawi occasion

salih salih

In a speech marking the anniversary birth of Prophet Mohammad, President Barham Salih today stressed that takfirist ideology wants to distort the tolerant message of Islam. Al-Qaida, ISIS and various extremist terrorist names have killed and targeted Muslims and others religions as well. Therefore, there is a joint responsibility to confront the bad thoughts of terrorists.

Salih highlighted that, Today, the country faces an important stage in nation-building, in which the popular will for reform and correct the path of political trajectory are gathering on one side. The paths cannot be corrected without fighting corruption, in all its forms, including financial, administrative and political corruption. Therefore, the corruption and terrorism are two sides of the same coin, he added.

Furthermore, he called for creating the requirements necessary for conducting an early, free, fair election, which would help to undertaking the reforms in the state's system, its intuitions and stamping out corruption, as it is considered as fundamental to eliminate terrorism and violence. This requires a new political trajectory that does not allow the mistakes of the past to occur again, so it is essential to build good governance, he underscored.