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France: Calls for boycotting French products in Middle East ‘must stop immediately’

France urged countries in the Middle East to stop calls for boycotting French products, amid controversy over the use of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in a French school class on freedom of expression whose teacher was then murdered by someone French President Emmanuel Macron labeled an “Islamist.”

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Sunday that the calls for boycotting French products in several Middle Eastern countries and calls for demonstrations against France are “baseless and should stop immediately.”

The statement added that all “attacks” against France must also stop and that they were “being pushed by a radical minority.”

The ministry said that it mobilized its diplomatic network to explain France’s stances to its partners and called on governments to distance themselves from any boycott calls and “ensure the safety of French nationals.”

Macron had criticized those he labelled as “Islamists” and defended the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

This came after a French teacher was beheaded last week near Paris after he had shown cartoons of the Prophet during a class about free speech. Macron had said the slain teacher was a “victim of an Islamist terrorist attack.”