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PM Barzani Renews Call for Compensation for Yezidis, Reconstruction of Sinjar


Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has renewed a call on the compensation for the Kurdish Yezidi minority group after it was targeted by the ISIS.

PM Barzani discussed the issue on Sunday during a meeting with Karim Khan, the United Nations (UN) Special Advisor and Head of the Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’esh (UNITAD) in Iraq.

The Kurdish leader reiterated his government’s support for UNITAD’s efforts to document the ISIS atrocities and hold the perpetrators accountable.

“Today I received Special Advisor Karim Khan to discuss our ongoing support in gathering data from mass graves in Sinjar, and to hold ISIS accountable for their crimes,” PM Barzani wrote on Twitter.

"We must expose the evil ideology of ISIS & eradicate this form of extremism — compensate the Yazidi community accordingly,” he added.

Khan also briefed PM Barzani on the latest progress in the legal procedures taken to face the ISIS prisoners with justice. He emphasized that efforts are hoped to prevent the repetition of such actions.

Today’s meeting was held a day after UNITAD, in coordination with Kurdistan Region and Iraqi governments, began the exhumation of another mass grave where the Yezidi victims of ISIS crimes are buried.