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ISIS uses deadly hobby drones to drop grenades on Iraqi civilians -SUN

TERROR group The Islamic State (ISIS) has begun using deadly drones to drop explosives on Iraqi civilians, The Sun reported.

Terrorists fighting in Mosul are said to be using large homemade fixed wing craft packed with 40 millimetre grenades.

A series of recent strikes has confirmed fears ISIS has developed capabilities for weaponised drones, after previously using the devices for surveillance.

In the now liberated streets of eastern Mosul, civilians heading to the crowded market are an easy target for the lethal machines.

The Telegraph reports that in one strike last week in eastern Mosul eight people were wounded in an attack on a market.

“I was shopping with my family when a small Isil plane dropped a grenade on us,” Hussein, 14, told the paper.

The boy was reportedly being treated for a broken bone protruding from his foot.

Damien Spleeters, a field investigator for Conflict Armament Research, an organisation investigating weapons trafficking in conflict area, said: “It seems they are using these weaponised drones to harass Iraqi troops, perhaps even target Iraqi forward operating bases where officers might gather, and gain attention by spreading terror in a seemingly innovative way.”

Iraqi special forces medic Colonel Khalil Jawad said. “This is the first time I’ve heard of Isil dropping weapons from a drone.”

It has reported fearful ISIS fighters have been shooting themselves in the feet in a desperate bid to avoid fighting to defend Mosul, as Iraqi and Kurdish forces strengthen their grip on the besieged city.

Iraqi forces have retaken around 70 per cent of eastern Mosul, but there are fears an eight mile long dam could collapse at “any moment and kill millions of people”.

Recently video, shot by a drone, depicts a series of ISIS vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), exploding across the Iraqi city.

In the footage cars can be seen rolling down the road before dramatically exploding.

The attacks were targeting Iraqi Army positions in the east of the city.