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UK's RAF destroys ISIS cell in Iraq's Anbar


UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) reaper drone has attacked suspected ISIS combatants in Anbar province, west of Iraq.

The drone, which fired a single laser-guided “smart bomb,” was called in to assist Iraqi security forces after they were attacked by a suspected ISIS cell in Anbar province.

Jets from the anti-ISIS international coalition strafed the targets before the RAF’s Reaper hit retreating fighters.


“The crew of the Reaper successfully located them (the fighters), and at an appropriate moment, with no sign of a strike posing any risks to friendly forces or any civilians, conducted a carefully planned attack with a GBU-12 guided bomb. The Iraqi forces subsequently reported that the threat had been eliminated," the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) said.

The MoD said the RAF continues to fly daily armed reconnaissance patrols to prevent ISIS from retaking ground in the region.