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Iraq's coronavirus deaths top 10,000

 Iraq’s Ministry of Health and Environment on Wednesday announced 3,857 new coronavirus infections and 51 new deaths, bringing the total fatality toll to over 10,000.

Iraqi health officials completed over 20,000 tests over the previous 24 hours and over a quarter-million carried out since the first infection was confirmed in Iraq, some eight months ago.

The ministry also announced the formation of field teams created to assess and follow up with law enforcement regarding compliance with government preventive measures in place in stores, markets, restaurants, shopping complexes, and other public places.

Over the past few months, Iraq has gradually lifted restrictions imposed to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus that include strict instructions for social distancing and wearing masks in public places.

The recent easing of restrictions came despite the fact that the country is still recording extremely high daily numbers of infections and deaths amid repeated complaints from health authorities that the public is not cooperating in efforts to protect itself.

Since the outbreak began in Iraq—after those infected with the virus crossed Iranian borders in February—the pandemic has infected 413,215, according to the health ministry. 10,021 of them have died and more than 55,700 cases remain active, 475 of which reportedly remain in critical condition.

Today's infection and fatality figures reported by the Iraqi federal government in Baghdad do not include the most recent developments in the autonomous Kurdistan Region, which has its own health ministry and typically announces results later in the day. As such, Kurdistan's figures are usually added to the following day's national tally.

The coronavirus has infected more than 38 million people worldwide and killed over one million, according to Johns Hopkins University’s database. The actual figures could be dramatically higher due to insufficient testing capabilities or underreporting.