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Baghdad, Erbil to finalize new Sinjar security plan: KRG official

The Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Interior announced on Thursday evening that he is scheduled to the Iraqi capital on the following day to meet with the federal government about a new security plan in the Yezidi (Ezidi) majority district of Sinjar (Shingal), located west of Mosul near the Syrian border.

Minister Reber Ahmed wrote in a tweet that he will "be in Baghdad tomorrow to finalize an agreement with the Federal Government to normalize the situation and restore stability in the Sinjar district." 

The emergence of the Islamic State and its violent assault on Shingal in 2014 led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of members of the religious community. Most of them fled to the Kurdistan Region, while others resettled in neighboring countries or in Western states.

Others were not as lucky and remained stranded in the war zone, where they experienced atrocities and mass executions at the hands of the extremist group for years.

Militants subjected women and girls to sexual slavery, kidnapped children, forced religious conversions, executed scores of men, and abused, sold, and trafficked women across areas they controlled in Iraq and Syria in what are now widely recognized as acts of genocide.

In Baghdad's harsh response to the Kurdistan Region’s 2017 independence referendum, the Iraqi military and Iranian-back Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) militias attacked multiple territories disputed by the federal and regional governments including, forcing Kurdish Peshmerga forces from them.