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Syrian Kurdish Parties to Begin 3rd Round of Political Dialogue

The leading Kurdish political parties in Syria are expected to begin the third round of the unity talks within the next two days.

Supported by the US, the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK) and the Kurdish National Council (KNC) have been holding Kurdish unity talks for several months now. They announced earlier this month that an initial agreement had been reached and a supreme Kurdish referential council had been established.

The third round of talks, according to a Syrian Kurdish source familiar with the topic, is dedicated to discussions on six pending issues.

“Self-governance, education, compulsory military service, the case of Syrian Kurdish Peshmerga forces, the fate of political prisoners, and social consensus are the issues which will be discussed throughout the third round of the dialogue,” the source revealed.

BasNews has learned that the United States will closely monitor and support the negotiations during its third round.