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Iraqi Militia Leader Justifies Attacks on US Embassy by Calling It “Invader”

Commander of pro-Iran militias of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Qais al-Khazali, on Monday justified the regular attacks on the US embassy in Baghdad by arguing that Washington has invaded Iraq and it is required to leave.

Media reports cited Iraqi and US officials on Sunday as saying that the US was preparing to withdraw from its embassy in Baghdad while keeping its consulate general in Erbil open. It came after Washington had warned Baghdad of closing the embassy if the Iraqi government fails to stop the attacks by the Iran-backed militias.

Khazali said in a statement today that no foreign diplomatic mission had been targeted other than the US forces and embassy, arguing that the attacks are because the Iraqis see the US as the invader.

“The attacks only target the US embassy, which is the embassy of the invader,” media reports cited Khazali’s statement.

The Shia militia leader, who has already been designated by the US as a “global terrorist”, is also against Iraqi government’s plan to investigate into the attacks against the US embassy, saying such a move may not serve the best interest of the people of Iraq.