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Two more US convoys targeted by roadside bombs in Iraq

Two more military and logistics convoys of the US-led coalition have been targeted by roadside bombs in Iraq, the Iraqi military says.

A Monday night statement by the Iraqi military says the first roadside bomb exploded in a highway in the southern Iraqi province of Qadisiyah.
The second explosion also took place in Babil province in central Iraq.

“The two roadside bombs targeted the convoys of trucks carrying the international (US-led) coalition’s equipment,” the statement said, adding that the trucks were operated by Iraqi drivers and transportation companies.

The explosions have caused no damages, and the convoys have not been harmed, it added.

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the fresh bombings, but they are the latest in a series of explosions that hit US occupation forces amid anti-American sentiment in the country.

Unidentified militant groups have frequently targeted convoys belonging to the US-led coalition forces in Iraq especially in the past few months.