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Over 800 Yezidi Families Left Sinjar Mountain Camp: Official

 Over 800 Yezidi families have left Sinjar Mountain camp in the past few weeks and returned to their homes in Sinjar, said deputy governor of Nineveh province.

Ali Omar told BasNews that the number of Yezidi families voluntarily returning to Sinjar is rising despite the security challenges and lack of public services in the town which was promised by the Iraqi government to be addressed.

Camp Sardasht, which is located on the Sinjar mountain, was among the first places where thousands of Yezidis escaped to after their town was overran by the Islamic State (IS) back in 2014.

Omar said that the camp is expected to be completely vacated by the end of the current year, after which the government will officially close it down.

He explained that the Iraqi government had promised to reconstruct the city, improve security, and provide financial aid to the families who return to their homes in Sinjar; however, the promises are yet to be met.