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Trump says US troops in Iraq to be cut to 2,000


US President Donald Trump said US troops fighting ISIS in Iraq will be cut to only 2,000, as he spoke in a press conference.


This comes only two days after a top military commander said Trump administration will cut the number of US troops in Iraq to about 3,000 this month, a reduction from about 5,200 there now, Wall Street Journal reported.

“In recognition of the great progress the Iraqi forces have made and in consultation and coordination with the government of Iraq and our coalition partners, the United States has decided to reduce our troop presence in Iraq from about 5,200 to 3,000 troops during the month of September,” Gen. McKenzie said.

“This reduced footprint allows us to continue advising and assisting our Iraqi partners in rooting out the final remnants of [Islamic State] in Iraq and ensuring its enduring defeat,” he said.