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KRG Says It Spent 45 IQD Billion in Fighting COVID-19 Since March

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has so far spent IQD 45 billion Iraqi dinars in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic since its outbreak in March, the health minister revealed on Monday.

Speaking during a ceremony held for laying the foundation stone of an advanced 100-bed hospital in Amedi town of Duhok province, Health Minister Saman Barzinji pointed out that the KRG has been able to provide "all necessary" medical supplies to combat the coronavirus, on which 45 billion Iraqi dinars were spent.

This comes while the Kurdistan Region is still suffering from a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus infections.

The health ministry has recorded a total of 32,998 COVID-19 cases so far, out of which 1,231 patients have lost their lives and 20,923 others recovered from the novel virus.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 08 September 2020 03:33 PM