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PM Barzani urges people to adhere to health measures

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani “urged” the residents of the Kurdistan Region to adhere to health measures that block the spread of the coronavirus in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from infection.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic was politicized and used against the government, as some were encouraging people to not adhere to the measures,” Barzani said.

“As a result, people paid the price. A lot of your relatives got sick and a significant number of them died from the virus,” he added. “Therefore, I urge you to protect yourselves, reduce interactions among each other, and be cautious when coming into contact with elderly people.”

The Kurdistan Region has recently witnessed a surge in coronavirus cases, following the easing of earlier restrictions imposed to stem the spread of the virus and after the reopening of its borders with Iran for trade.

Health officials have warned, on multiple occasions, of even higher numbers of cases, if the public fails to adhere to the precautionary measures that authorities have laid out.

Editing by Laurie Mylroie