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Iraqi forces pursue wanted, seize weapons in Baghdad, Basra

The Iraqi army spokesman for the Joint Military Command, Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool, said that “armed forces continue to pursue all those who tamper with security and law.”
His statement was made following wide-scope raids carried out Saturday by Iraqi security forces (ISF) in Basra and Baghdad that had witnessed tribal clashes during the past week, causing the death and injury of many.
The government “will strike with an iron hand anyone who tries to tamper with security and order,” Rasool stressed.
On Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi stressed the need to confront everything that threatens the security and stability of the country.
“The government has inherited a heavy legacy of uncontrolled weapons and tribal conflicts, which have become a real threat to society,” the PM said during his visit to the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command.
The operations covered Fadhiliya and al-Hosainah that recently saw tribal retaliatory acts.
According to the statement of the Joint Military force, a joint security force launched operations Saturday morning in Fadhiliya to pursue fugitives and seize illegal weapons -- it arrested five wanted suspects based on article (4) on terrorism. One of the suspects opened fire at the security forces and attempted to flee but failed.
Similar military operations were launched in Hosainah in the south of Baghdad. They resulted in arresting three over possession of weapons and illegal vehicles.