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Iran's Mullah regime executed 21 prisoners since start of January

Iran's mass executions
The National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI) asserted that Mullah's regime has executed 11 prisoners by hanging in Aromia prison along with sending another prisoner to gallows in Maragha prison.

On January 8, two prisoners were hanged in public over robbery charges in Kermanshah province in Iran

At least 21 prisoners have been executed since the beginning of 2017 as part of the Iranian regime's failure to contain the uprising against its political and economic crises especially among youths.

Karaj Central Prison was the scene of four inmates hanged on Tuesday, January 3.

Three prisoners aged 30, 34 and 36 were also hanged in Ghazvin Prison on January 2 and 3.

Another inmate, aged 33, was transferred to Sepidar Prison in the city of Ahvaz in preparation for his execution.

Mohammad Javad Larijani, secretary of Iran’s so-called “Human Rights Department,” is known to theorize torture and executions in Iran through schemes such as “decreasing and replacing death sentences” meant to deceive Western countries.

Reports of NCRI noted that at least 26 prisoners are on their way to be hanged within the few coming days, urging international human rights to swiftly move to save their lives.