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PM Barzani Visits Strategic Road Projects, Says Cabinet Delivering Promises

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Monday paid a visit to a strategic major highway linking the capital Erbil with Duhok province, a statement said.

"Today I visited two major road projects that are part of the KRG's infrastructure programme to boost our economy, create 1000s of new jobs and attract more investment into the region. Firstly, I reviewed the progress on the new 60km Erbil-Duhok Highway," Barzani wrote on Twitter.

According to a statement by his office, the main road which is "the best on international standards and practices,” is designed to facilitate greater domestic travel and trade between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey.

The Kurdish premier thanked the local companies for their support to the infrastructure projects, reaffirming his cabinet's commitment to construct better and improved infrastructure, the statement added.

"The KRG has allocated $157 million to the project expected to be completed by the end of this year," the press release explained.

"Later on, I saw how Erbil's 150m Ring Road is taking shape. Once completed, we will have a 70km highway around our capital city. I'm pleased that our cabinet is delivering on its promise to construct and repair the much-needed infrastructure in the Kurdistan Region," Barzani concluded.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 01 September 2020 10:22 PM