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KRG denounces HRW’s claims of extrajudicial detentions and tortures

The Kurdistan Region on Sunday responded to a preliminary report by the Human Rights Watch submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee in advance of its review of Iraq, saying the HRW should rely on accurate and factual information when reporting on Kurdistan Region.

“The Human Rights Watch and Kurdistan Region are moving in the same direction, and it is unfair to depict the Kurdistan Region as moving agains the international values,” said Dindar Zebari, the KRG’s Coordinator for International Advocacy.

He explained the KRG supports activists and is in close coordination with them while their right to express their views and concerns are protected.

Zebari rejected the HRW’s claims of extrajudicial detentions and tortures in Kurdistan Region, emphasizing that the security forces are allowed to detain a suspect only with a court warrant.

“Since the HRW is working in Kurdistan Region freely, it is required to have a clear vision towards the situation in Kurdistan Region.

It is also needed to take into consideration the clarifications and statements which the KRG issues or directly submits to the organization,” reads the statement.

Emphasizing again the the HRW should be objective in its reports on Kurdistan Region, Zebari reiterated KRG’s full compliance with the international principles to protect the human rights and cooperate with international organization to further promote the values.