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Germany warns Lebanon must fight corruption to receive aid

Politicians in Beirut scrambled on Wednesday to form a new government to satisfy Western powers wary of presenting them with blank cheques despite Lebanon’s slide to a failed state.

With the official death toll rising to 170, residents of the capital are licking their wounds.

The port explosion a week ago - shown below from a Beiruti hospital - exposed staggering ineptitude in a state that defaulted on its foreign debt in March and whose currency had lost enormous value since last year.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas spoke in transactional business terms about any bailout during a visit to Beirut on Tuesday.

“The international community is ready to invest but needs securities for these investments. It is important to have a government that fights the corruption," Mr Hass said.

"Whoever takes over responsibility in Lebanon,” Mr Haas said, had to deliver economic reforms and good government.

But most of the Lebanese elite have made it clear that any political change will not go beyond